3D Modeling and Animation

Not entirely sure what 3D modeling is, but interested in adding it to your website? Good idea! Graphics and animation can greatly enhance a website's appearance and overall effect on its visitors. We have a large variety of software here at Michael Design Company, which allows us to create a boundless supply of graphics, animations and models for your website.

Our diverse portfolio is a testament to the skill of our team. The members of our team are not just artists; they are specialized individuals with extensive experience in many areas of both 2D and 3D website design. Color, visibility, tone and balance are all carefully considered throughout the designing process. We also emphasize the business angle of everything we create, so that you are well aware of the marketing possibilities contained within your website.

It's a strategic puzzle, and the pieces have to fit.

Designs are not just pictures and graphics to make your website look pretty. They form one part of a whole, which sees our designs blend seamlessly with your company's branding strategy. Every element of your website is carefully considered from various angles, its intended effect clear and planned. We bring together each of these lovingly created, carefully designed and precisely executed elements in a cohesive and harmonious whole. Whatever you can imagine, we can translate into reality to help you realize your potential in today's marketplace.

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