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Tell us, how did you find our website? Chances are that Google, Bing or some other search engine led you to us. Those things are useful, aren't they? Now wouldn't it be great if that same search engine were working for you? Well, we can make that happen.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is part of the body of services Michael Design Company offers to optimize your web presence and increase your company's visibility. Micahel Design Company offers both organic and paid forms of SEM:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This versatile approach to online marketing guarantees immediate results by linking your website to hot search terms and keywords. Our skilled content writers provide thoughtfully constructed text for your website, which ensures that it is easily visible when someone is searching for the products or services you offer. It seems a shame for you to miss out on web traffic simply because your site's content hasn't been written carefully, doesn't it?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC marketing has the potential to turn website visitors into customers. We will ensure that your site is promoted by acting as the middle man between you and a host of advertisers. We embed your advertisement in our advertisers' sites to increase the flow of traffic to your website. If you're wondering how to increase the visibility of your advertisements, or how to make sure that they get enough clicks when they're surrounded by competing or irrelevant ads, fear not! We incorporate these considerations into our marketing strategy in order to guarantee you are paying for measurable results.

Article Syndication

Our writers are skilled at creating content that puts your website at the top of search engine rankings. The content here can mean anything from text on your own website for articles published on blogs and other sites. Keywords related to the relevant industry are integrated into our original content, and then structure in line with prevailing search engine trends.

Link Building

This marketing strategy further strengthens your visibility and reputation using search engines. You could easily allocate this job to an automated service, which would randomly select websites on which to link your company's site. Unfortunately, automated link building brings in the risk of irrelevant linking and even a drop in your ranking, if the link building appears to be a form of manipulation. The professionals at Web1 technology do not take shortcuts. By manually selecting quality links and cross-checking page rank and other information, our experts ensure that your page is linked only to industry-relevant pages.

If there are any doubts remaining, let us put them to rest with a final thought: the internet is the only medium whose traffic is virtually impervious (pun intended) to economic fluctuations. People will keep surfing through booms and busts, and as the price of being online continues to fall, it is increasingly accessible to a wider range of your potential customers. To top it all off, the internet wildly outperforms other marketing channels, both in terms of exposure and growth potential.

You can no longer afford to simply sit by and wait for customers. By increasing your visibility on search engine results, our rigorous SEM services will effectively ensure that all the hard work you put into creating your service or product and your web presence is worthwhile.

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