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Having an excellent and attractive website might be a dream of many people and it is mandatory one for the medium sized and large organisation. Sometimes, large organisations spend around millions of dollars to buy their domain name, knowing their importance in their reputation. When the URL is ready, you need to hire a graphic designer and design the front end of the site including its layout, colours, typography etc. The web and graphic designers can employ any front end languages such as HTML, PHP, Flash, CSS, JavaScript and so on, to make your siteís front end look beautiful, attractive and user friendly.

Michael Design company provides likable Web 2.0 sites

We, at Michael Design Company are having very good experts of HTML, JavaScript, Flash, PHP and CSS. We used to sit next to the client, grab their imaginary ideas of the site, grasp the basic ideas and functionalities of the site and then try to reproduce it.

When the client is not satisfactory, we will work on the designing part till he/she gets 100% confident about the design. Some clients might be having a tight budget and expect us to complete the site decently within the budget. In such cases, we used to pick the default customizable themes and templates and alter them with the clientís new details like logo, company name, colours, content etc. In this way, a site can be designed within $395 to $700 and so it is affordable for many small size companies and individuals, who want to convert their dream into real.

CMS and complex database connections

If your site needs CMS scripts, e commerce payment gateways, tailored graphic designing, complex database connections, dynamic content etc, then you can opt for high level web designing with us. It might cost around $995 to $4000. Our quality of designing sites and turn around makes us unique in the web designing companies and so we are at the top of the list of such companies. Our dedication and 24/7 service towards the web designing makes the site satisfactory and user friendly for the clients.

Let us make it simple for you: any modern business must have a web presence. What is more, that web presence should accurately reflect your company’s uniqueness and its competitive advantages. Intelligent, dynamic and progressive design lies at the heart of a compelling website. Investing in high-quality, creative design is therefore not just a good idea; it is vital.

Processes involved during web designing

  • We used to ask the clients some questions to gather the basic information regarding the siteís visitors. We just want to know about the visitorís age ranges, their tastes, the product for sale in the site etc.
  • Ask clients to sit with us and decide whether they can go ahead with basic practical web designing or traditional web designing. We will tell them the pros and cons in both the cases and leave the choice of deciding among the two.
  • After a little design and concept development, we will showcase them to the client and let us know of their feedback. If they are 100% about its going, we will complete in the same concept. If they are not, we will start from the scratch and employ a new technique and concept.
  • Once the site is design, we donít take our job has finished. We will help you with the reputation management and siteís marketing to achieve you and your site more business and more revenue.

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