Website Development

All the tasks need for a site to be started from a scratch till establishing it online involves web development and it includes domain purchasing, graphic designing, backend development (database connections), content writing, Network security etc. But nowadays, web development and web designing are considered 2 different things and so the tasks involving the front end is called web designing and the others, especially in the backend/scripting are called web development tasks.

Using the backup scripts, codes and markup, the Web development ranges from a simple 4-5 pages static site to more complicated database connections and most complex cms, e commerce sites.

Customized web applications

In Michael Design Company, we are very good at making dynamic web applications. We can install your sit with simple applications like calendar to complex content management systems CMS. Each application is to be customized with your own information and so we can assure you of doing that. We use PHP and ASP dot net to create systems such as calendars, photo galleries, login database, auto replies, search database, contacts management systems and so on.

Search engine optimization

Having a decent doesnít guarantee your income generation and potential clients. Even a sale of hairpin needs marketing. So, we will take care of your website marketing ranging from
  • PPC managements,
  • Social medias
  • Guest posting and directory submission
  • Social networks
  • Google adwords
  • Affiliate marketing etc
When all these marketing techniques are employed properly, your site will drive traffic of its own and will be listed at the top of the search engines for certain keywords. If you wish to consult for keywords suggestion, we can help you on that and optimize your site on the less competitive keywords, which would be having more success on the search engines.
Usually, website marketing is done through three ways: White hat SEO, Grey hat SEO and Black hat SEO techniques. When your site is boosted in the search engines through illegal means (Black hat), it has more possibilities to get banned by Google and the rankings will be temporary instead of permanent one. So, we always advise others to use White hat SEO techniques and we are volunteering such services to boost our clientís traffic and sales.

Reputation management

Once the site is designed and marketed initially, we canít expect the same result to be repeated forever. When your competitors are thriving more for the success and you are passive, they will surpass you and your site in the search engines and top you in the business and sales. In order to avoid that, you have to keep the rankings intact and get listed at the top of the search engines all the time. To ensure the top place of the search results, you need our reputation management techniques. In this reputation management, we used to do all the PPC, SEO, Social Medias, social network marketing all the way towards your success. You need to spend some part of the revenue and profit to ensure its constant revenue making and thus create a reversible cyclic process.

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